Kohl's Barcode Testing Center

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Kohl's GS1-128 FAQ's

Q. Do all Kohl's suppliers need to have GS1-128 labels certified?
Yes. The Kohl's barcode requirements are applicable to all suppliers.
Q. Which formats are Kohl's suppliers required to certify?
FFor GS1-128 shipping labels, suppliers should provide certify each format they intend to use when shipping merchandise to Kohl's, (e.g. Bulk, Prepack, Pack by Store, Landed Shipment).
Q. We have multiple ship/production locations which use identical printed labels. Do we need to send in samples from all the locations?
Yes. Test samples are required from all ship/production locations. Due to differences in material, equipment, software, and training, differences in print quality and compliance are very common. Certification by shipping location illustrates your company's comprehensive ability to meet Kohl's barcode requirements.
Q. If we are using a 3rd party, does my company still need to certify?
Yes. Several elements of the label sample are tested, including print quality and data encodation. Vendors using a 3rd Party provider are still required to comply with Kohl's requirements and have a certified sample on file with Bar Code Graphics.
Q. Can we send in mockup test samples?
No. Actual, live samples are mandatory. In order ensure compliance, only actual cartons labels must be submitted for testing.
Q. What is the turnaround for test results?
Suppliers should receive e-mail results within 3 business days of receipt at Bar Code Graphics. Payment by check may delay results by 24 hours.
Q. How do I know if my test submissions were received?
We recommend suppliers send sample submissions using a shipping method that enables shipment tracking and delivery.
Q. Why are multiple contacts listed?
Aside from Certification, Bar Code Graphics, Inc. also reviews all GS1-128 non-compliant issues, if they should arise. In order to enable a supplier to correct a problem, we ask for the appropriate contacts within an organization so the problem can be corrected quickly.
Q. If a particular submission does not pass certification, how will I know to rectify the problem(s)?
Samples that do not pass certification will be accompanied by an issue summary, a ANSI/ISO print quality scan report (for barcode issues), a digital image, and corrective actions needing to be taken to correct stated compliance issues. Suppliers are required to re-submit samples until a particular label format is deemed certified.